Black Friday 2021 Sale


Attention: Our "Black Friday 2021" sale has begun. Our sale will last until November 30th @11:50 pm Ctr. Check our Instagram
Page @ClipperGrinder for further details.

1. Get $10 off of Babyliss Skeleton Blades W/Code: B10

2. Get 10% Off of everything W/Code: 10PERCENT

3. Get $100 off of Chameleon Skeleton Combos W/Code: CHCOMBO

4. Get $100 off of Blue Babyliss Skeleton Combos W/Code: BLUCOMBO

5. Get $30 off of Gold Babyliss Skeleton Trimers W/Code: SKELGOLD

6. Get $30 off of Chrome Babyliss Skeleton Trimmers W/Code: CHROSKEL

7. Get $30 off of Rose-Gold Babyliss Skeleton Trimmers W/Code: ROSESKEL

8. Get $30 off of Limited Edition Black Babyliss Skeleton Trimers W/Code: BLACKSKEL

9. Get $25 off of Babyliss FX3 Trimmers W/Code: FX3BAB

10. Get $25 off of Andis GTX EXO Trimmers W/Code: ANDISEXO

11. Get $10 off of GTX Exo Blades W/Code: EXO10

12. Get $25 off of Babyliss Lo Pro FX Trimmers W/Code: LOPROFX