Black Wahl Detailer / Includes Modified Wahl 5 🌟 Hero Blade (Shipping and Other Info Below)

$85.50 On Sale

Includes 1 Black Wahl Detailer Trimmer with our modified Wahl 5 🌟 Hero Blade. Trimmer comes Sharpened/Modified & zero-gapped. Sharp yet comfortable. Blade has been tested for comfort.

Delivery: Delivery is 9-10 business days. Reason for the elongated shipping is to create a window that allows for correction nin case we receive a defect product from our wholesaler. Time length for a new stock product to be delivered to us is nearly 5 days. Tracking #'s will be sent upon shipment of package.

Refunds: Refunds are available for up to 30 days after delivery and are only available for defect parts. Items that have been tampered with or damaged because of a customers neglect will not be refunded.