Modified Andis T-Outliner Blade (Shipping and Other Info Below)

$28.50 On Sale

Includes 1 modified Andis T-OUTLINER. Comes zero-gapped and tension screw is adjusted.

Attention: The Blades that you see in our videos and photos are on Trimmers that have been personally tuned and balanced by us. Blades may or may not perform on your personal trimmer. To counter this we do offer tuning which can be purchased via our tuning page. Using these blades on improperly tuned trimmers can result in blades overlapping which can cause the cutting of skin, trimmers that bog down, and blades that shift within 2 weeks causing a dulling effect.

Delivery: Delivery is 9-10 business days. Reason for the elongated shipping is to create a window that allows for correction in case we receive a defect product from our wholesaler. Time length for a new stock product to be delivered to us is nearly 5 days. Tracking #'s will be sent upon shipment of package.

Refunds: Refunds are available for up to 30 days after delivery and are only available for defect parts. Items that have been tampered with or damaged because of a customers neglect. Refunds for international orders will be sent via PayPal while refunds for US orders will be sent in the mail via Money Order.