Trimmer Blade Sharpening & Tuning


Image of  Trimmer Blade Sharpening & Tuning

Email to receive full details regarding pricing, shipping, and other details. Once you purchase outright or email we'll reach out to you regarding delivery to our Post Office Box.

(Package Details if you want tuning): Includes tuning for 1 Andis T-OUTLINER Trimmer along with 2 free blade sharpenings. Purpose of trimmer tuning is to increase power and trimmer balance.

Guidelines: We will not sharpen blades that have already been pre-sharpened or blades that are not listed within our guidelines The list of the blades that we will sharpen include the Wahl T Shaped, Wahl T-Wide, Babyliss FX Skeleton Blade 707Z, and Slimline Blades.
If we receive any item that does not abide by our guidelines your package will be shipped to you without refund.

When shipping do not ship items that are not secure within your package. We will not be responsible for any damages and if there are any damages.

Once ordered we will contact you within 4-5 hours or the next business day.